Candi Dasa

  • Candi Dasa- Amuk Bay


    Candi Dasa is a small town situated at the North side of Amuk Bay that offers a lay back environment for excursionists and vacationers who prefer a peaceful and serene place to stay in. It offers a beautiful over sea view at some dive sites located around the Gili islands and the Nusa Penida island.

    There are 3 islands seen 15 minutes offshore from Candi Dasa on the East coast of Bali in Amuk bay. These are Gili Tepekong, Gili Biaha and Gili Mimpang.

    Gili Tepekong is 3 km southwest away from Candi Dasa, Amuk Bay. It offers some of the most astonishing scuba diving in Bali. Tepekong is 100 meters wide. There are steep coral walls and cold temperature of water. The current here can be strong, nonetheless, experienced divers say that drifting through Tepekong’s canyon with a maximum of 5 knot current is an extremely memorable underwater experience.

    Gili Biaha is 25 minutes away by boat. It has a good coverage of hard and soft corals. It is well known for its rich marine life. Currents are moderate to strong.

    Gili Mimpang,on the other hand, is 2 km southeast away from Amuk Bay. It has a cluster of 3 exposed rocks. Here you can see white tip reef sharks patrolling around the scattered rocks and boulders. Pelagic fish like Tuna and sunfish or Mola Mola are also commonly seen. In the barrel sponges, there can be found pink squat lobsters. The dive’s maximum depth is at 30 meters or 98 feet, coming across bumphead parrotfish, longfin bannerfish and schooling batfish.

    Location: North East coast of Bali, Indonesia
    Main Attraction: Dive sites around it, scuba diving
    Maximum depth: 32 meters or 105 feet
    Condition: Moderate to strong currents

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