Coral Gardens

  • Coral Gardens

    Coral Gardens Sipadan Dive Site

    Coral Gardens dive site is a fantastic spot for underwater photographers. On top of the diverse range of corals in the shallower part of the waters, almost every other species in Pulau Sipadan’s waters can be found here.

    The health and diversity of the coral growth in the shallows atop of the wall, together with the fact that almost every species in Pulau Sipadan’s waters can be seen in Coral Gardens dive site, makes this site ideal for long dives.

    Corals here include soft corals, large boulder corals, large leathery corals and staghorn corals. The colourful Pacific reef fish include damselfish, jacks, parrotfish, soldierfish, squirrelfish, tiny Anthias, Fire Gobies, Chromis, Emperor, Yellowmask and Sixband angelfish, Rainbow Runners, Golden Rabbitfish, Hawksbill Turtles, Giant Wrasse, Groupers, Coral Trout… you name it.

    Min Depth: 10m

    Max Depth: 23m

    Recommended Level: Open Water Diver and Above

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