Malibu Point

  • Malibu Point

    Malibu Point

    Malibu Point is located at the east coast of Nusa Penida and it is said to be best place to see sharks in this area. Not just the common white tips and black tips, but also the gray reefs, silver tips, Port Jackson sharks.

    Malibu Point is one the nicest site on the island with the interesting structure, big and rich bommies extending down to 25m. You will get to see the school of jacks, dogtooth tuna and some reef rays. Visibility is always good, at least 20m. Current can be strong.

    Location: Nusa Penida
    Access: Approximately 45 minutes by boat from Sanur beach
    Condition: Moderate to strong current
    Main Attraction: Reef Sharks

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