Crystal Bay

  • Crystal Bay

    Crystal Bay
    Crystal Bay located in the bay of Penida, the most famous dive site in Bali for the mysterious Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) sightings between July to November. It does not mean you only get to see Mola Mola here, because it is the cleaning station for the Mola Molas. Divers do not have to worry about visibility here, as water is as its name, crystal clear.

    The condition of this site varies, it could be an easy dive or a rather challenging one. Currents can be really strong here at times and temperature may drop to 18 degree C. This may not be exactly pleasant for a 45 minutes, but it would be the best opportunity to see the Mola Molas. Experienced divers are recommended and at least a 5mm wetsuit is advisable.

    Coral reef starts at about 5m, lots of anemone fish, angelfish, frogfish and sweetlips. If you are extremely lucky, you may see wobbegong sharks and manta rays. Decorated dartfish was spotted below 25m.

    Good luck to see them!

    Location: Nusa Penida
    Access: Approximately 45 minutes by boat from Sanur beach
    Condition: Moderate to strong current
    Main Attraction: Mola Mola

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