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    Blue Corner

    One of the most challenging dive site in Bali and the one of the most difficult dive site in the world because of the strong currents. This site is reserved for the experienced and advanced divers. The current always runs in the same direction and this strong current brings large fish, reef sharks, thresher sharks, giant tuna, manta ray, even mola mola are seen here. Small creatures, such as pygmy seahorses, pipefish can be spotted too. Visibility is rather stable, between 25 to 40m. Water temperature can be low sometimes.

    It is recommended to follow the dive guide closely and if the conditions are not to your favour, do not insist to put yourself in the dangerous situation. You can always come back another day.

    Location: Nusa Penida
    Access: Approximately 45 minutes by boat from Sanur beach
    Condition: Moderate to strong current
    Main Attraction: Drift Dive

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