Teluk Air Tawar

  • Teluk Air Tawar

    This dive site is more like a bay that’s been sheltered from the winds where the seabed will first slope down from the beach then an unexpected drop of 27m deep after some 180m from the shore, creating a large spread of sloping reef on the rocky wall. This site is perfect for night dives and check dives. The reef here in Teluk Air Tawar is good, because of the currents. When you reach 32 depths, you will find a magnificent canvas of encrusting corals at the bottom lurked by other marine species like batfish and black tip reef shark.

    At other ends, you will find a gorgeous coral garden that adds some color to this stunning underwater monochromatic landscape. There are lots of humphead parrotfish, giant stingray, whale shark, leopard shark, and schooling jacks that loves to play in the currents. This site is recommended for advance divers due to heavy currents, still there are areas here that beginner divers can prowl.

    Location: Pulau Tenggol
    Conditions: Can be Strong
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: up to 20 meters

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