Tanjung Pasir

  • Tanjung Pasir

    Tanjung Pasir is named as the best Dive site in Tenggol Island for having a diverse marine life. The reason why Tanjung Pasir has an abundant marine life is because of the strong currents who delivered lots of nutrients to the corals, the coral reef grew magnificently attracting different kinds of marine species.

    With a depth of 35m and average visibility of 10-30m, this is a great drift dive but not recommended for beginners for its strong currents. There are several submerge rocks and some pristine coral formations. You can spot Barracudas, jacks and tunas lurking the area.

    Location: Pulau Tenggol
    Conditions: Can be Strong
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: up to 35 meters

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