Rajawali Reef

  • Rajawali Reef

    Primarily one of the best dive sites in Tenggol where the underwater environment is so uplifting. The dive site is recommended for novice and experienced scuba divers. With a depth of 30m and average of 10-20m that can access by boat. Rajawali Reef became one of the reason why hotels and travel agencies offers a package that include not only accommodation and transportation, but also a scuba diving tours for those who want to explore the marine life beneath the beautiful underwater sea of Rahawali Reef and other dive destination.

    This was a very uncomplicated and calming dive. Massive variety of nudibranchs made this dive truly special, also mantas and sharks are seen here lurking the area. Large boulders can be found here with magnificent seascape, swim-throughs and passages. Most common species can find here are yellowtails, moray eels, blue-ringed angelfish, six-banded angelfish, Christmas tree worms, sea cucumbers and plenty of soft corals.

    Location: North of Pulau Tenggol
    Conditions: Can be strong
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: up to 30 meters

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