Coral Garden

  • Coral Garden

    There are more than 20 eye-catching dive sites in Pulau Tenggol and one of them is Coral Garden. From the name itself, this dive site is characterized for having a splendid coral canvas surrounding almost the whole surface of the ocean floor. It is a steep reef where you can observe an oasis of sand dunes.
    It is perfect for beginner to intermediate diver, for beginner divers, having calm currents make it easy for them to explore the ocean floor. While for the intermediate, they will be satisfied by the ranging interest and levels of diving proficiency for there are lots of areas here where only intermediate divers can enter.
    It has a maximum depth of 35m and visibility of 10 – 20 m. You can access it by boat. The most common species are Christmas tree worms, sea slugs, sponges, brain corals, elkhorn corals and groupers. Also perfect for snorkeling.

    Location: West of Pulau Tenggol
    Conditions: moderately calm
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: 20 to 35 meters

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