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  • Tenggol Dive Sites

    Tenggol Island is the last in the string of islands of Malaysia. Located across the South China Sea is the beautiful isolated island filled with rocky terrain amidst the lush jungle forests and surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear waters. There are several activities one may enjoy at Tenggol, from trekking, snorkeling and scuba diving, or simply lounging around by the beach. Having over 20 diving sites on the island, guests have a variety of choices and were coined as the “Best Diving in Peninsular Malaysia”.

  • Batu Tokong KamudiBatu Tokong KamudiBatu Tokong kamudi is one of the most popular dive sites in Malaysia, situated Northwest of Pulau Tenggol. This Dive site has gentle slopes, making it perfect for both wall-diving and preliminary digressions for open water divers.

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  • Coral GardenCoral GardenThere are more than 20 eye-catching dive sites in Pulau Tenggol and one of them is Coral Garden. From the name itself, this dive site is characterized for having a splendid coral canvas surrounding almost the whole surface of the ocean floor. It is a steep reef where you can observe an oasis of sand dunes.

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  • Gua RajawaliGua RajawaliThis dive site is well-known for having a coral garden with rocks scattered in its bottom. This site is more like Coral Garden with lots of soft and hard corals dashingly sprayed around the sandy bottom. It has a depth of 25m, suitable for advance divers.

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  • Pulau NyirehPulau NyirehPulau Nyireh is the largest island situated near Pulau Tenggol where Batu Tokong Kamudi is also located. This is the best dive site for novice and snorkelers, having a depth of around 30m and average visibility of 10-20m. There’s a shallowest area, with a maximum depth of 12m where beginner divers can explore the giant granite rocks found there.

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  • Rajawali ReefRajawali ReefPrimarily one of the best dive sites in Tenggol where the underwater environment is so uplifting. The dive site is recommended for novice and experienced scuba divers. With a depth of 30m and average of 10-20m that can access by boat.

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  • Tanjung Cina TerjunTanjung Cina TerjunTanjung Cina Terjun has crystal blue clear water that attracts the guest and travelers around the world, but not the only reason why it is popular. Tanjung Cina Terjun is popular for having an extraordinary underwater treasure. It qualifies as a macro photographer’s wonderland.

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  • Tanjung PasirTanjung PasirTanjung Pasir is named as the best Dive site in Tenggol Island for having a diverse marine life. The reason why Tanjung Pasir has an abundant marine life is because of the strong currents who delivered lots of nutrients to the corals, the coral reef grew magnificently attracting different kinds of marine species.

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  • &Teluk Air TawarTeluk Air TawarThis dive site is more like a bay that’s been sheltered from the winds where the seabed will first slope down from the beach then an unexpected drop of 27m deep after some 180m from the shore, creating a large spread of sloping reef on the rocky wall.

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  • Tokong TimorTokong TimorOff the coast of PulauTenggol is the Tokong Timor Dive site. This dive site is at the south western area of the island, a small rock at 300 meters. The dive site is reachable by boat at 30 minutes from the dock and is quite easy to find.

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  • Turtle PointTurtle PointLocated off the western coast of PulauTenggol is Turtle point. The location is accessible by boat at 30 minutes travel time from the dock and is quite easy to find. The dive site is at an average depth of 15 meters and a maximum depth of 20 meters.

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