Turtle Tomb

  • Turtle Tomb

    Turtle Tomb Sipadan Dive Site

    One of the highlights in the amazing Pulau Sipadan, turtle tomb is a cave diving dive site. Turtle tomb is a water limestone cave system underwater, you can go in up to 200m from the entrance of the dive site. Be very careful not to stir up the silt on the bottom along the way, as this would reduce the visibility. As the name says, you may spot a lot of turtle skeletons along the dive, making the dive a little eerie.

    Besides turtles’ skeletons, Turtle tomb is great dive site to spot sharks, moray eels, and large snappers, cave lobsters etc

    Because of the nature of the dive site, you have to get a cave diving certification and have to be guided by the local dive professionals before exploring this mysterious dive site. It is good to take precautionary measures so as to fully enjoy this unforgettable experience.

    Min Depth: 15m

    Max Depth: 25m

    Recommended Level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Cave Specialty Diver

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