Turtle Patch

  • Turtle Patch

    Turtle Patch Sipadan Dive Site

    The main attraction of the Turtle Patch dive site in Sipadan is the large number of giant turtles dropping by the sandy bottom to feed on the sponges. Turtle Patch dive site is so often visited by divers that the turtles are oblivious to them and they are able to take close shots of the turtles without frightening the turtles away.

    Besides turtles, divers can also find leaffish, Mappa Puffer, Spotted Sweetlips, Lionfish and Moray Eels here.

    There are also staghorn corals and large leathery corals growing by the reef at the Turtle Patch dive site.

    Min Depth: 5m

    Max Depth: 12m

    Recommended Level: Open Water Diver and Above

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