Turtle Cavern

  • Turtle Cavern

    Turtle Cavern Sipadan Dive Site

    Turtle Cavern dive site in Sipadan is recommended for experienced divers only.

    Turtle Cavern is widely known or romanticized to be the place where old turtles go to during their final days to have their “eternal rest”. Skeletal remains of the dead turtles can be found in the caverns. However, contrary to what is being widely known, the truth is that the turtles got lost in the interconnecting caverns and were eventually drowned. This is also the reason why only experienced divers are recommended for this spot.

    The entrance to the Turtle Caverns can be found around the 18m level and it will lead to a network of interconnecting caverns that can go up to 24m in depth. Divers may also find skeletal remains of other marine species such as marlin. Do note that some of these skeletal remains are left there by the locals as tourist attractions.

    The caverns are also home to flashlight fish and special species of shrimps and crabs.

    Min Depth: 14m

    Max Depth: 23m

    Recommended Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and Above

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