Staghorn Crest

  • Staghorn Crest

    Staghorn Crest Sipadan Dive Site

    A garden of staghorn corals at the shallow waters and the light conditions during afternoons offer excellent illumination for fantastic underwater photography shots at the Staghorn Crest dive site in Sipadan. On the wall, there are numerous crevices, balconies, cavities and protruding vaults where a diverse range of marine life such as Red Seawhip Corals, Black Corals, Barrel Sponges, groupers and angelfish can be found.

    Occasionally, giant manta rays, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Rare Fox Sharks and Leopard Sharks can be spotted 30m away from the wall in this region. However, amateur divers are not encouraged to drift for such a distance away from the wall at the Staghorn Crest dive site.

    Min Depth: 20m

    Max Depth: 40m

    Recommended Level: Open Water Diver and Above

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