South Point

  • South Point

    South Point Sipadan Dive Site

    A dozen or more Whitetip Reef Sharks and the occasional Leopard Shark are often seen in the South Point dive site in Sipadan Island, though bracing yourself for photography can be rather challenging and difficult.

    This is another spot where you can see massive hordes of Bumphead Parrotfish feeding on table corals. Weighing at 85kg and measuring 1m long, these hordes of parrotfish let divers feel like a locomotive train passing by during their meal times.

    If you are feeling lucky and experienced enough, you may want to explore beyond the 40 m level where there is a chance to spot rare sharks like hammerheads, Threshers and Leopard Sharks. With one shot of these rare sharks, be sure that you will receive the red carpet treatment when you return to Sipadan Island.

    Min Depth: 20m

    Max Depth: 40m

    Recommended Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and Above

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