The Jetty, Jetty Beach & Drop-off Below

  • The Jetty, Jetty Beach & Drop-off Below

    The Jetty, Jetty Beach Sipadan Dive Site

    Location: In front of Borneo Divers and Pulau Sipadan Resort
    Access: Enter the water and swim out 5 – 10 m (16 – 33 ft), depending on the height of the tide.
    Conditions: Generally calm; occasionally a light current.
    Average depth: Depends
    Maximum depth: 600 m (2,000 ft)

    The Jetty, Jetty Beach & Drop-off Below has to be the world’s best beach dive and one of the world’s top night dive sites. Although the drop-off goes down deeper than divers can dive and snorkelers will be limited by the depth, an immersible amount of interest is located just at the top 10 m (33 ft) of this dive site.

    Under the jetty, to the east are corals with shoals of goatfish and catfish, sea urchins, sea stars and crabs. The west of the jetty is frequented by small shoals of fish, gobies, Bulldozer Shrimps and the occasional large barracuda.

    Huge shoal of jacks and smaller shoals of Spotted Sweetlips and juvenile batfish are spotted after the drop-off, with overhangs and caverns from 10 to 20 m (33 to 65 ft) containing colourful angelfish, butterfly fish, Map and Porcupine Pufferfsh, lionfish, scorpionfish and leaf fish, Spotted and Vlaming’s Unicornfish, Moorish Idols, Orangestriped and Clown Triggerfish, Giant Moray Eels, various nudibranchs and flat worms, blue and yellow sea squirts, and assorted sponges and anemones with clownfish.

    At night, these caves are spots for Bumphead Parrotfish, Snowflake Moray Eels, turtles, pufferfish, flashlight fish and various other nocturnal sub-aquatic species.

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