Hanging Gardens

  • Hanging Gardens

    Hanging Gardens Sipadan Dive Site

    The wall at the Hanging Gardens dive site has a lot of overhangs containing Tubastrea and Dendrophyllia corals, large gorgonian sea fans, sponges and barrel sponges giving the reef wall a colourful appearance and making it unique from other parts of the wall. On top of that, the topography of this area resembles that of the Hanging Gardens, thus for its given name. Within the crevices and cavities on the wall, colonies of sweetlips, hawkish, moray eels, groupers and angelfish can be found drifting around. There are also plenty of nudibranchs, flat worm and feather stars.

    Similar to other sites, turtles are often seen at the Hanging Gardens dive site. If divers are lucky, they can also spot rare species of sharks such as hammerheads and Threshers.

    Besides the marine life, the shallow waters is relatively calm and divers can enjoy the sight of corals reflecting rays of sunlight beaming through the surface of the water.

    Min Depth: 5m

    Max Depth: 40m

    Recommended Level: Open Water Diver and Above

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