Tenggol Resort

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Tenggol Resort

Located along the PulauTenggol shoreline, the beautiful Tenggol resort is at Teluk Air Tawar beach at the southern side. The Resort is reachable 45 minutes from Kuala Dungun by speed boat or around 2 hours by slow fishing boat. The resort offers the simplicity of island living amidst the natural beauty of the Tenggol Island. There are quite a number of activities that can be done at the resort, mostly involving diving, snorkeling, water sports or trekking along the island terrain.

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    Residing on the beautiful island of Tenggol in Malaysia is the Tenggol resort that is situated along the white sandy beaches of the Teluk Air Tawar. Tourists and guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the island during their stay here, savoring the authentic Malaysian cuisine and experiences the culture and traditions first hand. The resort arranges various diving trips and snorkeling trips around the island at popular dive sites. The resort is reachable by boat from Kuala Dungun and takes around 4 hours maximum by slow paced boat and less than an hour by speed boat.

  • The Tenggol Island is relatively small and private, much like the resorts and accommodations available here. The rooms are pretty much basic with only the essential needs available. Each room is equipped with a ceiling fan and bathroom. There are nine rooms available at the Tenggol resort, four of which are at the back portion of the resort at the longhouse while the remaining five are separate. These five are located individually as hill chalets with beautiful views of the jungle greenery and the ocean. The chalets are of traditional Malayan hut style much like most of the village homes.

  • Tenggol Island is a relatively small area of land that is why most of the hotels here accommodate only a limited number of tourists. At the Tenggol Resort there are only nine available rooms, each with only the most basic of commodities. The resort along with the chalets and everything else available, is designed in traditional Malayan woodworks and architecture.

    Dining Outlet

    There is a dining outlet available at the resort, which serves traditionally Malaysian foods to its customers, at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Dive Center

    The dive center offers divers and first time divers, the supervised experience of a lovely dive. Training and reservations are also made available. Equipment rental at the dive center is also available for guests and the Dive Center is operated by Scuba Explorers who have a main office in Seremban.

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  • “The Resort is very private and can only accommodate a number of guests. The island is such a beautiful place to visit that one does not get to notice how basic things are at the resort.” – Carl

  • “The island is so small and secluded that it is like you are on your own private island! The views from all around are amazing and it is so peaceful at the resort.” –Brian

  • “Aside from the diving you can do a lot on the island as well. Trekking around the terrain is a beautiful way to relax since the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!” – Denise

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