Baku Kelebit

  • Baku Kelebit

    Baku Kelebit

    Katu Kelebit is located around the corner of Tulamben Bay, a beautiful site consists of steep, coral-covered ridges. Divers usually take a 15 minute speed boat ride from Tulamben to Katu Kelebit. Katu Kelebit, literally the Kelebit Rocks, are the two huge underwater boulders. The smaller one is always submerged, while the larger one is exposed.

    Clarity of water is almost guaranteed to be good, but the water temperature is slightly colder compared the other dive dive sites. There are some planktons in mid-water, creating a turbid layer at about 10 to 15m, but the visibility is generally good beyond that point. Always remember to look up, because that is where the manta rays will be.

    There are various kinds of beautiful corals, table corals, sea fans, fire corals and sponges. School of trevallys, jawfish, cuttlefish, reef sharks are often spotted. Manta rays and hammerhead sharks were found before too!

    Location: Tulamben
    Access: Approximately 15 minutes by boat
    Condition: Mild Current
    Main Attraction: Coral Reef, School of Fishes

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